FEC (Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd.), founded in 1995, is a worldwide leader in POS systems generating solid and consistent growth. With dynamic POS expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, FEC provides a full range of POS products, including all-in-one touch terminals, box PCs, monitors as well as related peripherals. In addition, FEC provides KIOSK related products and services.

As a dedicated POS system company, FEC is proud to have a comprehensive professional POS R&D team and in-house factories to offer customized POS systems with excellent quality and high reliability. Incorporating modularized product design concepts with flexible manufacturing capabilities, FEC precisely meets the market needs and provides insightful customer-driven products.
Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd (FEC)

Our Vision

We aim to exceed our client's expectations by delivering quality, reliable products with state-of-the-art design

Our Mission

To provide the most innovative and comprehensive customer-driven POS systems that empower businesses to reach their full potential.
To constantly offer state-of-the-art and premier leading technology.
To ensure customer satisfaction by consistently delivering stable, high quality FEC products.