[FEC Product Update] FEC 32” Panel PC – Trend of Mega Size POS 2016-07-06
[FEC Product Update] FEC 32” Panel PC – Trend of Mega Size POS

By Sabrina Chu / FEC PM Team

FEC’s mega size series enhance larger panels, enlarge bigger dreams, endless sales advantage!

Have you ever shopped in an innovative shop with big size Kiosk or digital signage?  If you have, chances are coming with FEC latest technology which support POS with retail, hospitality and chain stores.  Since FEC launched first bigger size 22 inch series AerPPC PP-8642 in early 2016, a huge amount of inquiries of these large size products are increasing day by day!  After complete the full product lines of 22 inch with AerPPC PP-8632, AerPPC PP-8102 & AerMonitor AM-1022, we have officially stepped into the world of large.

Now FEC proudly introduce a bigger size Panel PC AerPPC PP-8643.  We are very excited to embrace wider range of business applications & possibilities with new era of technology trend.  Follow FEC family tradition, we expend our system with Intel® H81 based CPU module from POS BOX to 15,  22, and 32.  With bigger size features, the applications can be more alive and flexible.  Not just a monitor, but a HD interactive digital signage.

Point of Sales is no more limited in screen size but only your creativity!

Check AerPPC PP-8643 features and specification of FEC 32 inch advanced modular All-in-One mega panel PC: