[FEC Newsletter 2016.08] FEC in Intel IoT Solution Directory & LinkedIn 2016-08-16
 PRODUCT NEWS : Intel® IoT Solution Directory


FEC is an official member of Intel® Internet of Things Alliance as the qualification of our brand reputation and product credibility.  The Solutions Directory is your one stop for industry leading solutions featuring the latest technology from Intel. Only qualified products & systems from the members will be listed.  Currently there are 4 FEC systems in the directory including AerPPC PP-9635, PP-9645, PP-8642, PP-8643.

Click image or here to view FEC profile on  “Intel® IoT Solution Directory”.

 EVENT REPORT : RetailNOW 2016 in Grapevine


FEC attended RetailNOW® 2016 in Grapevine from July 31 to August 3.  We want to thank all of your visit to FEC booth.  This year’s show successfully achieved the goal to be one of the biggest place where the industry meets.

FEC USA team were busy hosting as the booth was packed with visitors.  People are asking the latest AerTablet & AerPPC Lite as they will officially be launched in the following months.  The full range of AerPOS, AerPPC, AerMonitor, POS BOX, KIOSK were also demonstrated as various solutions.

Click image or here to visit “RetailNOW 2016” official website.


“MAXX KITCHEN in Indonesia” has been selected as the success case of this month!

FEC official distributor in Indonesia: SAMAFITRO
Installed 23 units of AerPPC PP-9635 & customer display AP-2029 in this trendy food court!

Click image or here to view the full success case of “MAXX KITCHEN in Indonesia”.
 FEC STUDIO : FEC Fulfill Creative Business Solutions


FEC is well known for innovation and modular design on all scale of products, the add-on devices are incredibly easy to use!

From AerPOS, AerPPC, to AerMonitor, you can use the same set of add-on devices.  Even an instant change from one terminal to another, it functions properly right away!

Click image or here to watch the video of “FEC Add-On Device” on FEC YouTube channel.

 FEC CHANNEL : FEC on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the most important social media platforms especially for professionals. Follow FEC official company page on LinkedIn by searching "FEC POS - Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd." or click the link below to connect with us.  All the latest news and video of FEC will be posted every week!

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