[FEC Product Update] FEC POS Mega Applications 2016-09-12
[FEC Product Update]  FEC POS Mega Applications

Bigger and Better!

Starting from this year, FEC offer 22 and 32 inches product including AerPPC PP-8643, PP-8642, PP-8632, PP-8102 and AM-1022.  We proudly claim the product scope to into mega/large size.  And the range of applications also expand to larger scale.

PP-8643 is the biggest screen product of FEC and we are proud to introduce it to public.  In FEC Taipei Headquarters, we use it as an interactive welcome signage and also wall mounted as various video and product introduction panels.  This is just one of the perfect solutions of this mage series!  Everything looks prettier when it gets bigger!

Check all mega size FEC POS

AerPPC PP-8643


AerPPC PP-8642


AerPPC PP-8632


AerPPC PP-8102


AerMonitor AM-1022