[FEC Newsletter 2016.09] EQUIPMAG 2016 / FEC POS Mega Applications 2016-09-12
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FEC France @Equipmag 2016


FEC France @Equipmag 2016 (Hall 3, Booth #B87)

FEC France will show all the latest products and the most innovative retail solutions at French leading retail trade show EQUIPMAG 2016 (12-14 Sep, 2016).  Save you date and visit us at Paris expo Porte de Versailles Hall 3 Booth #B87.


FEC POS Mega Applications


FEC POS Mega Applications  

FEC product applications are not limited to Point of Sale system. Everything looks prettier when it gets bigger on AerPPC

Click here to view PP-8643’s Solution Expansion



FEC Success in Ireland: JC's Sword


FEC Success in Ireland: JC's Sword  

JC’s supermarket is largest independent retail grocery store in Ireland. It brings you big brand at small prices with FEC POS.

Click here to view JC’s Sword’s FEC Solution

FEC Global Partner Conference 2016


Next Month: FEC Global Partner Conference 2016

Biennial FEC Global Partner Conference will be held in Koh Samui, Thailand this year. The seats are completely booked. We are excited to announce all important news during the conference. Thank you for signing up and see you next month!

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